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Action RPG

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Dragon Warrior

(monster use of sleep)

so i was wondering about sleep in #gamedev and we had a lively discussion about different ways to deal with it. during it, i was wondering what monsters could actually USE sleep. i looked up ability list on www.gamefaqs.com and its not accurate! i know this because i had a Druin/Warlock cast Sleep on me and they don't have that in their list. maybe they didn't have a lv30 warrior? anyways, here we go:

Monster abilities:

ArmKnight - Stopspell
AxeKnight - Firebane, Healmore
BlueDrgn - Breathes fire
Dracky -
Drackeema - Firebal
Dragon - Breathes fire
Droll -
Druin - Firebal
Druinlord - Firebane, Stopspell
Eyeder -
MagDracky - Firebal
MadKnight - Sleep
Magician - Firebal
MtlScrpio - Defend
Poltergst - Firebal
RedDragon - Breathes fire, Stopspell
RedSlime -
RockGolem -
Scorpion -
ShdwKnght -
Skeleton -
Spooky -
StarWyvrn -
Werewolf -
Wolf -
Wraith - Heal
Wyvern -

while compiling the list, i was fighting a Druinlord who stopped casting magic altogether and started attacking instead. its possible that monsters have magic points! further investigation reveals that MadKnights can only cast Sleep twice!

apparently drolls aren't scared of anything! i went through at least 20 rounds of trying to use my Loto Sword and a droll hitting me for 1dmg every round, and he just wouldn't go away. everything else in the dungeon is terrified of me, making it hard to gather info. gonna keep that in mind when i get to droll ai.

for all the monsters i gathered info on above, i didn't see any Druins casting Sleep. why was the area around Rimuldar full of ones that did, before? man, i dunno..

(dealing with sleep)

anyways, i got a good discussion out of #gd (a rarity) and we came up with a few ideas. since it was last night, i don't remember every detail, so i'll gloss over them. someone mentioned having a minigame during the length of the sleep, but the timelength is just too short for that. april mentioned that you could have warding items and protection spells - i'm not going to throw that idea away yet, but i don't want to add too many new things to the game yet.

actually, if you're wondering - someone's logged the chat here, start at around 08:55, 1/3rd of the way down. anyways, i started thinking about ffx, the limit breaks. you have to input a series of keys, randomly chosen, and if you get it before the time is up, you get the best damage. it kinda reminds me of dance dance revolution too, without the waiting.

see, the whole problem i have is being stuck asleep, not being able to do anything about it. all you can do is watch, helplessly, as you get beaten until you wake up (if you do before you die). no damn good. if you let the player affect the status somehow, it releases that feeling of helplessness a bit - they can do something, more than nothing. i'm probably going to end up just doing a button mash to speed up the recovery of the spell.

if i stick with the 1sec round length and 50/50 chance of recovery, then i imagine button mashing would decrease the round length by some small amount each press. the faster you mash, the faster a round is up, and the faster you get to a 50/50 test. you either wake up, or a Z pops out and you keep mashing to get to the next test. it might be good enough.
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