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I got a job

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No, really.

I got a job.

That sounds so weird.

After 8+ years of blissful zenlike existence in the magical fairy-world of felicitous unemployment, I made the dumbass mistake of getting talked into a game-project.

It just sounded. . .so. . .interesting, so I accepted it.

It's only for a month, so I'm hoping the memory of having actual employment fades long before the benefits (monetary and otherwise) that I get from it do.

Any pointers out there? Do people wear ties to work nowadays? Do they wear shoes?

On another note, I'm about 2/3 of the way through a TriPeaks game in Flash. TriPeaks is the most addictive game in history, so it needed my own version. This one, like the new Brain Bones, runs on PocketPC.

And I have a temporary solution for creating PocketPC executables via Flash. Turns out that Multidmedia is working on a version of their Flash->exe builder for PocketPC's, so I decided to hold off all runtime decisions until then. Despite it being a pandora's box of quirks, Multidmedia's Flash Studio Pro is the best way to make a first-class Windows app out of a Flash movie.

Until then, I spent $15 on Ant Mobile's Flash Assist. It's just a standalone Flash player based on the PocketPC Flash runtime, but it gets around the main problem that Flash has on the PocketPC, which is that installing Flash on your PocketPC only runs Flash in a browser. Using the Ant Mobile product, you can just double-click a SWF and run it like a real app. It also runs full-screen, which is how Brain Bones was made to run.

It doesn't put the app in a state where I can package it up and sell it, but I'll wait for Multidmedia on that. At least I can now carry around Brain Bones and pop it up from the start menu. Which is enough to show it off.
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