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Action RPG

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Dragon Warrior

(monster ai)

Goldman - Defensive pose
Wraith - Heal
Druin - Sleep
DeadNite - Heal
Wolflord - Stopspell
ArmKnight - Stopspell
MagWyvern - Sleep

finally, saw the Druin/Warlock cast Sleep again.

um, i just noticed as i was doing stuff that i had no idea where i was on the map until i moved around a bit. i thought i was on rimuldar continent and i realized i was just north of domdora/hauksness. should i have different kinds of trees in different areas of the world? have the trees look different enough that you knwo exactly where you are using them? i mean, it doesn't have to end at trees either. in zelda:la, you knew exactly what screen you were on no matter where you were, because everything was unique to areas. something to think about.

here's where i'm at with the map:

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Map's looking good. You mentioned that you might use DX as a learning experience. I'd be happy to code you a quick little sprite engine in DX if you want.

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