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Almost there...

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So It's half way into the five day weekend. I am now spending the remainder of my time chillin and finishing off the Design Doc. I just uploaded version 0.2.1, and 1.2.1 should be ready by tomorrow. This is a great thing. Finally it's time to really get this project on the road. It's all so feasible now.

I've found the new concept artist. This is so much better, I'm glad I switched. Here's the new draft:

I'm getting about one image a day here, so hopefully I'll have all of the concept art I'll need for this character within a weeks time. It's also good to be able to walk a few blocks to meet with with the artist in person. I also have to get started on level design. With the object system I've created, all levels can be designed on graph paper, and I'm not sure if I should do that myself or to outsource it to some reliable people I know.

Well, back to work on finishing up the design doc. More later!

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TraderJack I think your energy is amazing.

Are you getting encouragement from your family? Can I ask you what they do?

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Wow, thanks man! That really does mean alot to me. It's good to know that there are people out there who appreciate the kind of dedication I try to put into my work. I think the important thing in having the energy to accomplish what you need to do is to have a firm grip on what you want. I know exactly what I'm motivated by, which is my want to succeed and make great games. Things like financial sucess are secondary to me when it comes to things like making great games and above all doing what I enjoy. Think carefully, have ambitions, plan wisely, and you can have anything you want. I'm confident I can reach my goals, and all you need is that confidence for that energy you're talking about.



PS: As for my family, they are mildly supportive, but I feel that if I want to be successful, I must rely on myself to achieve my goals.

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