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Daedalus grows

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Having a severe cold the past weekend, I decided not to go outside and enjoy the fine weather but stay inside and code.

I fixed a few things in the windowing code, and most of the functions seem to work both on Windows and Linux. I also readded my ResourceManager to Daedalus, and proceeded to test multiple contexts with this manager. Naturally they didn't share textures at first, but I'd been expecting that. After adding a simple call to wglShareLists/changing the glxCreateContext both windows can access the same texture.

I've decided to try and push Daedalus more for other people to use it. As such I will need to find a license for it, and add *a lot* of comments. I tried out Doxygen and NaturalDocs last week, but I wasn't too happy with them. I like NaturalDocs, but it didn't generate documentation for the classes automatically. I had to comment each and every variable. Doxygen was okay, but I don't like the output. So either I try and find out if I can change the output format of Doxygen, or I heavily comment the source files. I'm leaning towards the second one at the moment.

For the license I'm going to use something liberal like the zlib license. I would like to get feedback from people who use it, and 'fix' things, so I'll go and do a little bit of searching on that.

Just for those willing to try it out, you can download Daedalus from here. The zip-file include two 'test' programs. Makefiles are provided for Linux, and VCExpress Beta 2 solutions for Windows. If you do try it out, please let me know what you think of it.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


thank you sooooooooooo much for this!!!
that is exactly what i was looking for!!
i would like to develop an A.I. bench of algorithme smart enough to find their way out of maze..
all i needed was..maze generator under linux.

youdid it
thank you man!!!

/ blietaer / @ / free / dot / fr /

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