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To my great joy, I found out that my computer supports DirectX9, while the last computer I used only supported DX8.

Sadly, the joy ended once I started to work on Stompy again. You see, Stompy has a tendency to crash whenever anything that resembles a new feature is added. Case and point, yesterday, I tried to add a new enemy to the game. I added all the new enemy code and the new image data, just like I did with the two other enemies. The game immedietly crashed when I tried to play it. I ran Dev-C++'s debugger to see what the problem was. It said that an access violation had taken place. The compiler then pointed to this line of code:


This is the function that handles the timer for explosions. After an hour of debugging, and trying to find what exactly was wrong, I deleted the new enemy code.

Defeated, I went and watched Law&Order, and didn't work on it for the rest of the night. Or did I (dun, dun, DUN)...?
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If you're like me at all, going off and doing something completely unrelated is many times the best way to solve a problem that you're banging your head on. Good luck on solving the bug!

Just an FYI: If I saw an access violation on a line of code like that, I'd strongly suspect that either i was out of bounds of the array, or the array hadn't been allocated yet. I'm sure you probably have gone down those thought paths already, but just in case, I figure I'll toss them out =)

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I thought that too, givin the fact that I had just recently changed the max amount of elements in the explosion array. Sadly, this was not the cause. The wierd thing is that this error only happens when I attempt to add new resources to the game.

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