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Beautifying the server

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Barren Moon uses the same server as Eternal Lands, but a LOT of stuff was removed, and a lot more stuff added.
I started working at the EL server in November 2002, and that was only 7 months after I wrote my first C program. Alhough I did have a lot of previous programming experience, mainly in ASM and PHP, I still made some poor design choices. I don't mean like unoptimal code, I mean 'ugly' code. And ugly data structures.
Right now, I want to fix some of those poor design choices, and rewrite some code and some data structures. I started yesterday with the skill system, by modifying how the skills are stored, removing some of the skills we don't need in BM, and adding some skills we do need.
For the time being, I am still in the process of modifying the code, as the skills were used in so many files. So it's a lot of boring, uninteresting work to do. After I finish that, I will also modify the client to see the new skills (right now, it sees the skills like the EL client does, which creates some problems).
After this is all done, I will work at the teacher NPC (I came up with a good idea on how the learning will work).

On an unrelated note, yesterday I got my first MP3 player. It's a yp-mt6x, by Samsung. It's extremely small, just a little bigger than an AA battery. And since it uses an AA battery, this small size is amazing. 50 years ago, a device with this capabilities would have been as big as a house, and consume more energy than the average household.
If you want to get a good MP3/WMA/OGG player, I highly recommand it.

We broke the players online record today. The previous record was 508, not it's 515. But it might be because of some new bots :D
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I've been following your journal for sometime now, and usually check it daily. Keep up the great work, can't wait until Barren Moon is available to the public!

About that MP3 player, does it have extendable memory?

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Thanks :)

No, the mp3 player doesn't have any expandable memory, but 512 MB is enough for my needs (I mean, you can have about 70 songs encoded at 256-320bps (variable rate)). And there is also a version of that player that has 1GB memory.

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I can only agree with Joe Tidmarsh ;o)
It seems to me you're advancig pretty fast, well done :)
BTW: Last time you suggested having some deadlines and trying to stick to those, do you have any long term deadlines for BM? Something like, 1.1.2006 first public release of BM ;)
And besides, do you also plan making the cilent opensource?


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The client IS open source, but it's basically just a moded EL client (right now, the EL client has more cool stuff, Wytter was in the army until now and didn't have time to port the new EL features in BM).
The address is: http://developer.berlios.de/projects/bmc/
As for a long term deadline, now, I don't have any ebcause they are impossible to keep. But I do HOPE that by the end of the year we will have an incomplete demo version (maybe 20% playability). There are still a lot of things to be done besides for programming, such as data files, maps, etc.

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Once we finish 1.0.2 I will port the EL client to BM again, along with the server enhancements. I suspect that this would take around a month to finish, but then we will have a lot better tools to work on for the full release of BM (for instance, Cal3D animations, a full-featured window manager and various other graphical improvements done since the fork).

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