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You win a free laptop!

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It was foolish, but I had to do it. I went to a stupid website today, thankfully I was punished with a stupid popup advertisement. This wasn't the first popup I've gotten in Firefox, but it's the first one that has made me feel like my heart was run through with a searing hot monkey-wrench.

Firefox is becoming a victim of its own popularity. A year ago I could watch a friend go online and say, "Oh, you use IE. Heh" with a slight smirk and he would look back at his computer screen and ask "What's wrong with IE?" but when he turned back he would find I had vanished into thin air. In those days my Firefox using habits were too mysterious and elite for ordinary people. But now it seems everyone uses Firefox, even my school has it installed on all their computers.

That "Win a free laptop" ad flashing its awkwardly bright colors before my eyes made me finally realize how trendy and hip Firefox has now become, and as such, I have decided that there is only one solution. Lynx. That's right. Anything more is for pussies. Lynx will never be trendy or hip because normal people don't want to subject themselves to self-flagellation that much just to be cool, so it's safe to assume that my ego will always feel like a rebel while using it.
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There is a better solution. Write your own browser.

Or, if you're really daring, an OS to run your browser. Its bullet-proof!

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Hey man, try Opera, it's below Firefox in popularity but it works great...

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