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Today I made something beautiful

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The following is an IN GAME RENDERED SCREENSHOT! (wewt).

Basically what you are seeing is a test level randomly generated. Below the tile mapped spaces are two layers: one has those crazy words/symbols and the other is the cloud layer. I also added some alpha blending into the tiles and symbol layer for a really "dream-like" appearance. Let's just hope my artist doesn't flip. The neat-O thing you can't see is that the cloud and symbol layers are scrolling independently of one another.

I know it's a relatively simple thing, but I'm pretty proud that I was able to accomplish what I set out to do for once, and solve all my problems on my own along the way. Can't wait to add some models to this sucker!
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Looks interesting. The tiles need a little thickness to 'em if you want 'em to look more "real". Right now they look like floating pieces of paper.

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Very true. We wanted to give the tiles the impression that they were "floating" as what you are seeing is our representation of cyber-space. As for the paper thing part, I agree that it might look more substantial if I gave some vertical depth to them. The problem is that the cloud layer that you see underneath highlights the tiles which have a slight alpha transparency. This gives us some "poor man's lighting" effect and is relatively simple to acheive. If I add bottoms to the tiles I am concerned that I will get less of the highlights to show through.

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