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When I ride in cars my mind wanders and I tend to have a lot of off the wall ideas. Today on the way to school I got to thinking about the emotion of the player and how that might be used as an interactive element in games. Now, of course all games aren't suited to this sort of thing. Card games, board games, etc., aren't fit for this, but a story-driven FPS might be.

I don't really know how much emotion one can convey while playing a game, but if it's possible to determine emotions from gameplay style, you could use that information to drive the story depending on the players emotion and deepen the impact of the game.

Imagine that in your real world life you're sad or angry. If that sort of emotion could be determined from HOW you're playing the game, perhaps more elements would come up to evoke that emotion and deepen the interaction with the game. If the game can provoke a certain emotion that's already at the surface, it's my idea that it would give more of an impact while you play.

I guess for something like this to be effective you'd have to do a lot of research to find common behaviors while playing with a certain emotion so that you'd know what you were looking for.

Anyway, enough weird stuff. Me and a friend today started planning out a game. He drew a few concept sketches of characters and we threw around some ideas, but neither of us are artists. His concept sketches are good, but he can't translate them to the computer and animate them like we'll need, so we'll probably be searching for an artist to turn them into something we can use.

Our problem is that we don't know where to go to seek an artist capable of doing what we need, especially since our budget is very, very low. We're not going to make money off of this (commercially anyway, we may sell it at school to be a fundraiser for our ACM chapter, but nothing other than that). Anyone got some advice for getting sprites made cheaply?
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