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Another day...

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As I sit here in front of my computer after my daily house call to my concept artist and a good long walk, I think to myself and ponder the greatest questoins of life.

Goor or Evil
Dark or Light
Axe or Tag
Nike or New Balance (correct answer is Ecko)
Allegro or SDL (answer is Allegro)
C++ or C# (C++)
Dev-C++ or VS.NET 2005 Beta 2 (still to be dettermined)
GameDev or GarageGames (lets be real here...)
Pepsi or Coke (same thing)
Wild Cherry Pepsi or Cherry Coke (again the same thing)
Pepsi Vanilla or Vanilla Coke (does anyone see a patern?)
Pepsi/Coke or Mountain Dew (that's more like it)
Mountain Dew or Coffee (you had to hit me with a hard one)
DirectX or OpenGL (the big one)

Speaking of which, I've decided that if and when in the distant, distant future I go into 3D, I think I might go for OpenGL over DirectX for the same reason I picked Allegro over SDL. OpenGl seems to have more of a solid community, and there seem to be more learner resources available (those NeHe tutorials look like all I'll ever need).

So, Project Urban Scamber. Everything is coming along just great. I just finished the first completed draft of the design document. It's about 10 pages long in Courier New size ten (7 if you disclude title page and draft update pages). I think it's pretty good and will be all I need to start getting into level design.

And the house call to the Concept Artist went great today. The guy's name is Bruckner (yes, like the Turok character Tobias Bruckner). I'll refer to him like that (last name) from now on. Bruckner had the next great piece for Wasp today. And here it is!

How does it look? I think it's just fabulous. Tomorrow I should be able to obtain an action pose (now that I have his standing and crouching) and from there on we'll move to a sheet of sprite models and then on to some other charaters. Also, I've been looking around the Sound and Music forums and there seem to be alot of people willing to write soundtracks for free. Though I'm alittle weary of that sort of thing, alot of their samples seem to be good. I don't want to make too many moves to fast, but I'm sending some PMs around and looking at some options.

It's funny, and a great thing really, that I've come to the conclusion that I love programming. I actually love doing it. Out of the things I needed to get done today for the project, the first thing I did when I got up in the morning was improve my prototype and fix it's only bug, which wasn't even a priority. It was just something I felt like I havn't been doing with all of this other project-oriented work. I can't wait to start on level design, and the next heighs for the programming.

Well, I better tend to some friends that just arrived at the house. I'll write again soon!


PS: I'm thinking of adding a wall jump feature to the game which might open up some new possibilities in design and wouldn't be too hard to implement. It seems to be in high demand as a feature (as I've gathered from some polling I did). What do you all think?
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Can't forget Black or White.

EDIT: ... and I don't mean the Michael Jackson one.

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Stand fast, puny mortals. I am Bruckner, he of inhumanly stubby arms and chubby feet. FEAR ME!!!

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