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Greetings All,

Been a little while since my last update. Here is what we have acomplished since then.

The Blood System:

I recently added the blood system to MW, this now makes it so that when you damage somone they spatter blood onto the ground. The amount of spatter is relative to the severity of the damge you deal out, for instance.

you do 10 hp of damage to 100 hp: not much blood
you do 1000 hp of damage to 100000 hp: not much blood
you do 99 hp of damage to 100 hp: blood bath
you do 10 hp of damage to 15 hp: blood bath

so as you start to beat people down more blood flows =)

Castle Map Polishing:

Zac and I did a lot of work to polish the castle maps, by adding new graphics, and sub-dividing some of the larger areas to make them more interesting to navigate.

Civillian Rescue:

We have added the civillian rescue scenarios to the game.
You can make a civilian wait or follow you, and upon brining them to safety they reward you with a stat potion(rare).
however many enemies will lie between you and safety =D
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we'll not have any kill-bill vol.1 antics here!

though during a big battle there will be lots more blood, as you dish out some magical goodness =D

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For some reason, your isometric engine reminds me of the X-COM (UFO) games. Must be the light system (the way the tiles are lit).
So far, your project looks very interesting :)
Do you plan to find a publisher, or self publish?

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We will offer a demo version, which will be part of the game, *ending once things really get cool[grin]*, which I guess you would call shareware =)

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