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Action RPG

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Dragon Warrior

i've finished the Alefgard overworld map. i've divided the map into 16x16 sections and distilled the landmark information into a smaller picture:

i mentioned before that each town is going to take up about 3x3 screens each, so imagine each town will be surrounded about their respective markers. there are some touchy spots, however. in the northwest is garinham, and its right on the very edge of the map. we'll have to push the town southeast somewhat. sorta easy.

the bitch of an area i'm going to have to play with most is the tantagel area. we're supposed to have 3 town areas in the space of 4 tiles! lets think on this for a minute. if we were to look at charlock castle.. ok, the castle is on a rocky crag, right? that means it goes into the air real high, and you wouldn't want to obstruct the view of the water from brecconary from it - the camera would be behind the mountain at that screen. could just have the bottom of the crag for the castle on the worldmap, and when you walked up the path along the crag, it would take you to a new area mapset, for charlock.

that knocks off charlock. all we have to do now is have tantagel castle and brecconary be right close to one another, as opposed to how it appears in the original game. i mean, it won't be a real big stretch of the imagination. now its time to hit the sketchpad and see what we can do with what we've got.
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