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my GUI makes noise (and it sounds squishy)

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OpenAL is up & running. I've tossed in some pretty generic support for Lua GUI event handlers to now play sounds. In the past I've used Direct Sound and FMod, but never OpenAL. I snagged the 1.1 beta and I must say, I'm impressed. I don't know the specifics of its performance or disadvantages but it does all the basics I need. I dug up a gamedev article on opening & playing OggVorbis files with OpenAL, so that's now on the to-do list so I'm not just messing with .wav files.

The next (dreaded) item on the list is multi-column list boxes. I've started coding it up tonight but I imagine it'll be a couple of nights before I get it knocked off. There are a few tweaks I need to make to the base list box class to accomodate multi-column'ness.

I got a little more motivation today to work harder on my game code. As I'm sitting at work I watched as a fellow employee was dragged to the managers office, then returned to his desk with a cardboard box, and then promptly was escorted out of the building. Not knowing if you'll have any income on a day-to-day basis sure is a great motivator to get out on your own and not have to depend on "the man" for you and your families survival....

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