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I'm still alive

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Man, I've been keeping myself extremely busy lately. I finally fixed all my model loading problems... I can't believe how I couldn't see it, it was obvious what I was doing wrong... it seems that sometimes our brain kind of locks on to what it thinks is correct and just won't let you see the problem. No amount of reasoning and thinking would convince my brain otherwise, everything just seemed right. And then suddenly, after having put model loading in the back burner for a long time I decided to revisit it and there it was, the flaw in my logic.

Part of it was that I hadn't clearely understood the way the data was stored on disk, and the format it needed to have to be displayed.

I'm quite glad that's done, now I can move on to other interesting things, such as animation =). I've done very little animation programming in the past, and I'm very excited about taking it on. I won't be doing anything groundbreaking, I'm going to stick to the simplest method I find, even if it's not very efficient and then I'll take it from there. As long as I design a good API for the system, I can iterate on it and mold it into something great.

Anyway, all this talking about doing stuff only makes me want to do it more... so off I go =)
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