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To make smaller

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Hi people!

I've decided to leave my GUI Editor for a bit because I don't have the energy for doing heavy optimizations. So I have gone onto two other projects- Raytracing is just a side thing I want to mess around with and AngelPMX Compiler is the main project I'm working on that will compile my scripting languages source files into executable binary files for my engines runtime environment. I'm starting with a basic syntax since I have not actually written a compilable scripting language yet so I have got a kinda ASM syntax. Hopefully I will expand this as my knowledge increases.

Its quite interesting writing a compiler apart from the buzz of feeling uber-1337 with your codin' skillz [smile]. It gives you such an insight into what your actual compiler is doing. It gave me the same illumination as when I started mucking around with O/S development and I had to manually link everything with GCC and do a whole load of stuff that MSVC++ does automatically.
The thing is, I take compilers for granted and don't really dig far below the surface but when you start looking through the features of MSVC++ you really how freakin indepth it gets.

Anyway, after I have finished the compiler I'm gonna start on the runtime environment proper. I have the basic setup thats similar to all the other sys.Stak tools however I am going to add the virtual machine to it. VMs are something I'm really looking forward to reading into. Again, this will be a simple VM for my scripting language but hopefully it will expand.

As for raytracing- You know you have some hardcore calculations getting pushed through your CPU when it takes over 2 seconds to render a simple scene- 0.5FPS!! You know your scene rocks some[smile]. And i'm only doing, like, the first tutorial[smile].

Anyway, nothing else happening- work, games and photography.

Keep it real,

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