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We interrupt JetLag to bring you Snake!

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Some folks (who I know IRL) have become addicted to Snake! and they noted a bug, which I fixed. Since I was updating it anyway, I threw in two "enhancements", one is a length counter in the lower right corner, and the other is a "bulge" where the snake has eaten a pellet.

They have become fiercely competetive, with the current high score at 161, maximum board size, and all other settings at defaults.

It's starting to look like I need to hook Snake! into my online top scores system....


The settings for Snake are too customizable to have a high score for each combination (there are nearly 12 million combinations), and it would take way too much research to "weight" the scoring system based on the settings in a fair and balanced manner.

I think what I may do is make a special setting that counts for "ladder" or "tournament" play, with the particular settings that these folks are already using, and only those count for top scores.

Dunno. Any suggestions?
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Two ideas:

- Pick 3 or 4 common combinations and rank those.

- Rank all results together, with a comment/tag regarding the configuration that was played with. Allow users to filter/sort/group by configuration element.


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I played more. More impressions and Way Things Need To Be.

I love the uncluttered look, but I have no idea what the four numbers in the corners mean. If possible, eliminate the unnecessary ones. If you've got some that are just fun info (like snake length), think about making it a transitional text effect, like a small bit of text that pops up and fades, presuming that the Popcap stuff can do easy fades, ala Flash.

Consider adding one of the metrics to the title bar like "Snake - Score 100". That'll get it off the screen.

Main menu needs to be. . .


The first four have canned settings associated with 'em. Custom brings up all the boxes you have now. Global high scores are available only for the first four. Then you'll have the best of both worlds.

Find a more interesting font if you can. Times Roman and games just isn't a good mix. It screams "I put no thought into my font". That's probably the case, but you don't need to advertise it.

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