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The week that time stood still.. eh development th

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Well, it's been a while sense my last entry. Unfortuantely for me, the current trend seems to be a lack of focus in the development portion of my life, which is where I would like my of my effort to be spent. I suppose other things in life occassionaly demand attention however. You can trade in your family for a nice laptop, but laptops aren't as entertaining, in the long run.

Alright, well I'm finally getting back to work on C.F.L. today. I've redrawn my world maps and am fleshing out some other areas as well. I'm having some confilcts with procedural world creation and dynamic gameplay as well, but seeing as my content creation is on hold at the moment as I'm finetuning my underlying systems, concentrating on that issue isn't really a hudge priority at the moment.

My main personal theme is focus. Pulling the old head out of the rectum and getting moving a long a path to achieve some results. My day jobs going pretty well, or should I say my night job, as I am soon to be promoted within a week and a half now, and given two raises by the end of the month. Sadly, I'm not sure if that's going to be enough to keep me around however, as our store is falling apart under new general managment, and I tend to suffer from high stress at work now, which shouldn't be the case, seeing as nothing in the store has changed, except for the managment. It does seem to have caused a lot of problems though. More then likely I'll stay on however and possibly try and make some positive changes for the business experience and to further build up a solid work reference.

As part of my focus theme, I will be entering daily updates on my development. As soon as my next release of C.F.L. is ready I will also be going back to focus on Phoenix and Myrrh for a while. So stay tuned for daily updates.
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