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Damn that took forever. If I had walked to California, handed rhino the $50 and walked back to Toronto I would have had GDNet+ sooner than waiting for my electronic payment.

And where are the secret forums? Probably didn't get invited because I still use WinME [sad]

Anyway right now I'm working a Ogre Battle clone, but with Ogre Tactics type battle scenes because the battles in Ogre Battle were so damn boring.

Here's where the isometric battle engine is at now:

The donkey will be an actual unit because donkeys rule.

This is the first level. Most of the levels will be much bigger than this. The reason it's so small is because it's just a simple tutorial level with only three quests.

McLevel Level Editor:

In game:

That's really all I've got done as I've only started a week ago. I'll put some of my (rather crappy) games onto the GDS soon.

(also sorry 56k users.)
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Secret forums? If you find out about them let me know... I've been excluded also.

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I remember hearing a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away [rolleyes]) that there was a GDNet+ specific lounge. To my knowledge it doesn't exist. Oh well - plenty of other quality forums [smile]


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Thanks for commenting guys.

Yeah it's pretty at first but after looking at it for a week it gets to be a little much. Plus I'll be getting a nice bill from my ISP as I downloaded almost 140MB from Reiner's site [grin].

As for the secret forum I've discovered that forums: 0,1,7,23,26,28,29,38,42,45,46,47,48,50,51,54,60,62,63,64,66,69,71+ "don't" exist(I'm sure one is the moderators forum). I found one forum not listed on the main page, but it didn't have any posts in it. At least it didn't seem to have any posts...

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Wow, wish I had gotten first post in this one >_<

Its nice to see other people using Reiner's Tilesets (he makes some pretty nice stuff). Just one suggestion though - the cliff texture on the iso screen is too dark/bright. It would look nicer if it was toned down, more grayish.

Boy, my color words really make sense today [/sarcasm]

EDIT: What API are you using? I'd assume SDL since you're using *.bmp textures. Oh, and I'm running winME too. They don't like to share secrets with us [headshake]

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The cliff texture in the iso scene is not reiners(only the tree is). I simply made a test texture out a picture of rocks. I won't be using it in the final game, it was merely to get the iso rendering engine going. And the maps won't be so rough, the height values were randomly generated.

For the graphics API I'm using the ID3DX sprite interface from Direct3D 8 and for sound I'll be using FMOD.

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