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New skills and attributes

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This week was initially allocated to the teacher NPC, but that teacher NPC was dependent on some new skills and attributes, specific to BM. So, like I explained in the pervious entry, I started to work at them.
It takes far more time than I initially predicted, due to the fact that there is a lot of gameplay change.
Here are some data structures, with the new attributes:

attrib_16 physique;
attrib_16 coordination;
attrib_16 intelligence;
attrib_16 comprehension;
attrib_16 instinct;
attrib_16 psi;
attrib_16 base_reserved_1;
attrib_16 base_reserved_2;
attrib_16 base_reserved_3;

attrib_16 health_points;//given by physique
attrib_16 psi_points;//given by psi+intelligence
attrib_16 alertness;//given by instinct+psi
attrib_16 research_points;//given by intelligence
attrib_16 learning_points;//given by comprehension
attrib_16 kilojoules;//given by coordination+physique

As you can see, there is a "PSI" attribute. This is what will repalce the "magic" skill from Eternal Lands, although it will be totally different. I plan to add all kind of neat PSI 'spells' don't know how else to name them). A few ideas that I have in mind:
1. Pacify (cast on a monster, that monster will leave you alone)
2. Mind blast (cast on an enemy player, will cause it's alertness to decrease)
3. Mind shield, cast on a friend or self will make that person immune from PSI attacks for a certain period of time.
4. Mind probe (casted on enemy) will allow you to learn one of the knowledge that player has and you don't.
5. Mind wreck (casted on an enemy) will cause that enemy to lose some random knowledge.
Of course, casting a PSI spell on someone doesn't encesarly mean it will work. The enemy might have a high defense, or you might just be unlucky.
But anyway, I do not plan to implement the PSI stuff too soon, there are many other things to be done first.
Hopefully, by the end of the week, I will finish with all the new skills and attributes.
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You make it all sound too easy. Throw us some of that goodness MMORPGs are made of!

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That goodness is secret, or else every n00b would use it to compete with us :D

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