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A little help?

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The battle system in C.F.L. is a little unconventional. For the text game, when I designed the system last year, the way the battles work is this.

1.An enemy is generated based on location and a pseudo-random generated number.

2. Number of turns for the battle is generated pseudo-randomly with a maximum of turns being 20.

3. A trivia question is selected out of a pool of 500 Trivia Questions and riddles.

4. Based upon the answer select a correct or incorrect response that gives a description of the enemy the player is battling. This out of 50 correct descriptions, and fifty incorrect descriptions out of a total of forty enemies.

5. Iterate this process until the number of questions is equal to zero.

6. If the number of questions answered correctly is greater then the number of questions answered wrong, the player wins the battel and is awarded to reputation points. Otherwise the player loses two reputation points.

Battles can only occur in certain areas and locations in the game, and there is only a seven percent chance that they will occur each turn in those locations.

Anyways, I'm needing to finish the trivia and riddle questions for this section of the game, and am wondering if anyone else out there has a moment to spare a trivia question or riddle for the selection pool. Here are the categories, I will be working on this for the next three days, hopefully a bit shorter.

50 star wars trivia questions - I have 20 of these
50 Video Game Questions
50 TV Questions
50 Book Questions
50 World History Questions
50 Movie Questions
50 Music Questions
50 Various Questions
100 Riddles

I'm not really looking for a lot of help necessarily, but if someone's got something that they'd like to share, it would help narrow down the somewhat mosterous pool of questions that was initially two times the size. Thanks in advanced to anyone who decides to help out with this.
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