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Meeting, Here We Come

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Rob Loach


Blastoids now has a showcase entry. There's a lot wrong with the game and I'd like to fix it up someday when I have the time. It has been released now though, so that's a good thing.

[SoundEffects]Pew Pew Pew Pew[/SoundEffects]

The GDNet Toronto IGDA Meeting is being held today at the CBC Building. A bunch of IGDA members will be showcasing their own personal and collaborated projects to the whole chapter. I think some of the stuff will be pretty neat considering the number of professional members are apart of the chapter. I would show Blastoids at the meeting, but think it's just too primative. If it was done in DirectX, I might have considered it. In other news, if any of you live in Toronto and arn't part of GDNet Toronto, please let me know.

One of my friends said that their mom's computer stopped working so I'm going over there today to see if I can fix it. I've loaded a CD full of anti-spyware/virus programs like Ad-Aware, Microsoft's Anti-Spyware, McAfee Virus Scan, FireFox, etc, along with my Windows SP2 CD and a bunch of other stuff. You never know what kind of crap people get on their computer when they don't know how to use the internet correctly.

Random Interest

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I'll join GDNet Toronto sometime, it's just I won't be going to any summer meetings so joining wasn't a priority. Have a meeting in the winter and I might go.

Blastoids seems solid programming wise, shooting rocks isn't really fun, but still good job. One suggestion I have is to not move the asteroids until the player spawns. There were a couple times I spawned in some giant rock and died.

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Ive been looking for asteroids, where do you get those from? If they were originally 3d then can I borrow some?

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Help yourself to the graphics. Noaktree should take full credit for the asteroid graphics. He said he found them off of Nasa's site; all I did was transform them into usable graphics programming-wise. The ship was shamelessly stolen from SpriteLib.

Scet, I just sent you an invite to GDNet Toronto. You don't have to be an active member of the group to be part of the group. We'll just have notices up and stuff about game development meetings in Toronto and stuff... I don't think we're planning a formal meeting for a while.

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Mmm, thanks for the SpriteLib link, that looks like it'll be really useful, considering I suck at art, worse so than most programmer art i'd imagine [grin].

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