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Wow... after my rather frequent (almost daily) journal entries many of you were probably curious about what happened to me. Let me explain. At the end of the school year my computer was still not back from getting fixed, and I was going back to Oregon for the summer. The result of this was that I had to go a while without a computer... which was really sucky.

Now that I'm back in Oregon I only have access to the internet at home which is a dialup connection... arg. I just got my computer back today so now you can expect somewhat regular updates on my journal. But now that I'm working 40-45 hours per week don't expect those all day forum discussions about war heroes etc...

JavaTactics has progressed very little without a computer, but I will say that I can start working on it again. I was able to plan a bunch of what I want to happen, but had no way of actually implementing it. I was able to successfully have it network over ten computers at my work's LAN. My next big step is to rewrite the basic view of the program. Currently there are a billion different windows that need to be opened to do all the stuff in the actuall programming.

There will be two modes, one is gameplay mode and the other is editor mode. The editor mode will have things like tile selection and passability all in front of you from the start, without having you go through a jillion windows and shortcut keys.

Anyway, feels great to be back.
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I missed you Hops. me <3 H_o_p_s!!!!!


I got mad hops as well...

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