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John... What's wrong with this screen shot?

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Been working on my particles to make them look a little more interesting. I thought I'd drop a screenie (big surprise).

Epoch Star - Space RPG Game

Now I just have to sit back and wait for johnhattan to tell me why it sucks.[wink]
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I'm being constructive. Would you prefer that I just post about how great it is without ever saying what can be improved?

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Naaa, you've been helpful. You just manage to do so in a way that... compares my laser blasts to hot dogs... or questions the sexuality of my station designers.

All in good fun I hope [smile]

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No, I genuinely hate you despite having never met you.

[mutter]Sheesh, buncha sensitive babies in these journals. Doesn't anyone understand sarcasm anymore?[/mutter]

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Thanks man... I can always count on the good doctor to be positive. [smile][smile][smile]

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