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I don't care.

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Xbox360, PS3, Nintendo Revolution, they all suck. I don't care how many trillion-billion triangles a second they can render, or how sexy their magical wireless controllers are, or how many war-glorifying WW2 FPS games are going to be out for it, they all suck. When they come out, I'm going to stick it to the man and buy an NES. I'm sure their loss of my purchase will show them.
EDIT: I'm not a PC fanboy, either. I'm a nothing fanboy. Real men play board games tongue.png

EDIT 2013: Wow. I had some really nuanced and interesting opinions when I was seventeen.
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If only I was aswome power to figure out if a console is bad or not without even playing it.

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I think I've just gotten bored of videogames. I still like coding, especially coding games, but playing them, I don't know.

EDIT: Thanks for the free dot, Mushu. Today I saw a sign that said "Do not place a period where God has placed a comma"

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