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I have been multi-plexed

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Well, it's time for networking goodness. I've got the basics of my multi-column listbox going, so now I need something to fill it with. How about a server enumeration? With that in mind I started writing the server last night. I threw together a hasty MFC front-end to drive the server with. Today at work (sssh, don't tell anyone) I started implementing the networking with RakNet and some basic client-server messages.

My goal for this weekend is to get some basic client-server action going. By action I mean.

-Clients can browse the LAN for a server
-Clients connect to the server
-Clients can text-chat

Bonus Credit: Write a master-server browser for Linux and put it on my server, then have the clients list available "internet" servers via that method.

I'll have to get all amped up on soda tomorrow night if I'm going to be staying up reasonably late. Usually during the week I'm a wreak by 10:30 and I pass out as soon as my head hits the pillow. Thankfully I can bring my lappy into work and write (even if it's just a tad-bit) some code. God forbid my employer finds out I'm actually a software developer, and not QA. I'd get promoted (without a pay increase) and get way more time-consuming responsibility than I care to have. I actually poked around on last night. I found out two things. 1) I'm way under-paid. 2) I could easily land a job doing network coding for a game development house. I always feel that if I applied without a demo I'd get the shaft even though I'm more than qualified. Hopefully my efforts over the coming months will fix that.

OK, less rambling...more coding.
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