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I'm getting tired, so this is going to have to be short. I've been designing up this first level. It's alot of work, but I should be able to finish it all up Saturday. Next week is the last full week of school before finals. Finals means I get out before noon. Which means that will be the week where I finish all this level design. I can't wait to do the sewer level though. It's tunnels, so it's not nearly as much work, but it'll require a bit more innovation on my part.

So, more progress on the project. I put up the Help Wanted Ad. Looks like there are alot of competitors, and certainly alot of new threads today alone. I've gotten great feedback though. One guy wants to do sound (not a huge task, there won't be that many sound effects). I've got two different replies on Composer positions (both of which I like very much based on their samples provided), and one or two people interested in art. I started to talk to one of them on AIM, and he drew me up a sprite of the main character on the spot. I really like it, so it looks like I have someone to do sprite work for characters and enemies! Now I just need people for backrounds and objects.

Oh, and here's the last big piece of concept art for the main character:

Well, more later. Check out the thread, and comment with great things that will encourage people to join (and if nothing else bump the thread ;-) )! Peace!


PS: Maybe by Sunday I'll have sprites ready for oggling!
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