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HACK.GDNET is open!!

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I'm trying to come up with...

So yeah, I finally came up with the idea for a new advertising scheme; this time instead of going all-out stupidity I'm going to try to do the exact opposite. Kinda, sorta. Maybe.

I went out and made my own HACK.NET and put it up. I'll post a thread with all the rules and such, but if you want to get started, he's the first page:


I figure you guys like this kind of stuff; they aren't that easy, they aren't impossible. I'll be posting periodic hints if no one can figure them out, both in the thread, and in this journal.

GOOD LUCK! [grin]
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I must be unwise to the ways of this thing, because all I see is some text with a broken link that you can't see because it doesn't properly bracket the word "link".

I guess I lose.


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Its supposed to be like that. You're supposed to view the source, see the URL, then copy-paste it into the browser.

I guess I fail at this. Oh well.

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Okay, I'm an idiot. I must have mixed something up when I uploaded the files in.


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lol, thanks arch. I'll probably stick that into my next entry so that everyone can see it. Whee! *steals arch's bandwidth.

EDIT: photobucket cheater :P

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What can I say? I'm too nice a guy to abuse the bandwidth that was kindly given to me by Dictionary Administrator ravuya.

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Journal of Mushu is now #8 on the stats listing... it looks like you'll be hitting #1 fairly quickly :)

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