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I hate feeling like this. I sit down to code something, and I just can't get into it. For me, most of my projects don't get past the start stage, because I already get bored of them. I really only get into a game I'm working on once I have a working demo, because my favorite thing to do is to add upon what I already have. I was motivated to work on Stompy because I had a whole team working with me, but right now I just can't work on anything else. I'm going to go see what work on Stompy I can accomplish, and continue trying to see how I can get a highscore table up and running. The main problem is that most of my files for Stompy are on my old computer, so I've been working with the files I already had on my webspace. Oh well, guess I'll see what I can do, for now...
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Yeah, I feel like that an awful lot. Except its quite the other way around: after I get the general framework for a project up, I move on to the next project without doing all the finishing touches and such.

I've decided to use this to my advantage, and am designing a very flexible codebase with an SDL rendering pipeline. Basically, each project uses everything the last one did, and the code base just keeps growing (which is good)!

And code reusibility = fucking awesome! [grin]

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Dude, I feel the same way. The worst part is, I want to do programming SO BAD but I have all of this other work to do on the project first. Good luck with getting motivated though. Just remember, stay passionate, and keep your eye on the prize!


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