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Another day

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Well, everything is going pretty good. I've finally completed the first level: Slums. It's pretty sweet, nice and big. Exactly 10,500 pixels from start to finish (50 pixel tall character, 800x600 resolution). It's on twelve pages of horizontal graph paper, and it looks sweet. I don't want to scan them all for obvious reasons, but I'll try to take a picture of them lied out on a huge table or livingroom floor or something. It's really something to behold, and it's like 10 hours of work at least. 1 down, 8 more to go.

I've gotten pretty fair responces to the forums. 1 sound guy, 2 composers (tough decision), 2 artists (probably going to have a third, that is assuming these two are both interested, one I want to do backrounds and one to do sprites, I'll have a third do objects like building, tunnels, platforms, etc...). It gets more and more real by the day. I loev this stuff. Sorry no images today, but I think I may have those sprites tomorrow, and on Sunday I might have art for a new character.

Talk to you all then!

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It's good to see your planning out your levels well before puting them in the game. After all, a platform game is nothing without good level design.

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Level design is going to be huge. And looking at it now, it's actually going to be a whole lot less work for the pixel artists then I thought it was, especially if I end up dividing the job between three people (backrounds, objects, sprites).


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