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Half asleep

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It is too late for this. It's like 2:30 and I wanna go to church tomorrow. I stayed up this late jotting down every little detail on what files are going into level 1 of the game. I figure while I design the rest of the 8 levels (not including boss arenas, which should be a cinch), I'm going to work as hard as I can to get level 1 of the game up and running. I'm trying to get a strong demo up so I can gather some serious community interest.

With the composers, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'll probably have the one guy write the theme-related tracks and the other guy write everything else. As for sound, it looks like that guy got banned from the site, so who knows if I'll hear from him again. Finding reliable artists have been a pain. I havn't heard from the guy doing sprites since I first talked to him, but I'm sure he'll turn up tomorrow.

One guy turned out to be a complete psycopath (the guy in the help wanted forums who's always ranting about 'Make $10,000,000 in a Day' bullshit and how everyones out to steal ideas). This guy strings me along for like 2 days and then finally he sends me this message (in 1337-Speak) along the lines of 'Hahaha! You are silly, if I was from a commercial game manufacturer, I would have stolen your idea! You should be more careful about the information about your ideas! You've been pwned!'. Well that was mature. And you're right, I'm sure commercial developers would look at a 15 year old's 2D sidescroller and say 'We must have teh ideaz!'. Asshole.

So anyhow, there IS this one guy I've been communicating with. He's interested in doing backrounds and has talked about doing the 'game objects' job, which is effing collosal. So I sent him the specs of the game objects I'll need for the first level, so that probably scared him off of that task. He'll probably end up being my backrounds guy. At this point, I'm thinking about getting Bruckner and training him to be a pixel artist. I'm sure he'd be intersted, and if not, I will complete this project. It's not like I don't have the summer ahead of me.

DAMN I need to sleep. This entry is much longer then I intended. Peace.

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And you're right, I'm sure commercial developers would look at a 15 year old's 2D sidescroller and say 'We must have teh ideaz!'. Asshole.
Great line! But don't cut yourself short...they might! [smile]

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Yeah, I know. I think it's a great story and everything, I'm just saying I doubt that an given developer has 100 ideas for the 'best game eva' that he already values ten times more then he would mine. But yeah, looking back when I'm fully awake, it is pretty funny :-)


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