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Draw Night

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here's a bunch of foolishness i drew in #gamedev with Phoenix and Myst.

myst got up to go 'distract' pheonix from whatever he was doing for me, and the kitty got up on her chair and she got distracted. seemed like a great chibi idea. unfortunately, it was also just a warm up sketch and it didn't turn out worth doing.

i was constantly having my mind drop into the gutter and mysty threatened to jam cotton swabs into my head to clean my dirty mind.. after so many threats, i had to make this one up. again, a warmup and not worth putting any extra work into.

heh. phoenix needed 'distracting' from his call to MS about his xbox's broken HDD. while she wasn't distracting him, i figured i'd draw something to pass the time, and this is what spilled onto my tablet. not terrible, but again, not worth taking any time to work with it.

my pen was warmed up, but i didn't have any topics to draw. WoW took phoe and mysty and i was screwed for the night. KenVsTrent.jpg >> Phoenix vs Mittens.. should probably start captioning these things.

[EDIT: err, the mittens were supposed to have a string attaching them together, in case you're wondering what that mess is all about -- SG]
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