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I own enemyboss.net, enemyboss.com and enemyboss.org. I'm keeping them forever. I just have to decide what EnemyBoss is or will be. Then I can trademark it. :-P

EnemyBoss is definitely related to games. I think I'd rather have "EnemyBoss" refer to my works than myself. Maybe it will be the name of videogame company (could happen if I win the lottery), or a hall of fame for the best enemy bosses in videogame history.

Right now I'm using enemyboss.net to host my game development projects. I don't think I'll use EnemyBoss as my personal handle that much. So call me Muj.

A journal seems like a good idea to track my progress. Perhaps I should do it on my own website, but I think I'll use my GDNet+ for now, since this is where the community is. I paid for it after all.

I've finished 5 games over the past month, Pong, Breakout, Space Invaders, Asteroids and Tetris. The tutorials here at gamedev say to start there, and now I'm here. I have friends who also want to know how to make these games too, so I'm writing tutorials to walk them through the source code. These will be posted on my website very soon.

I've been doing all my work on my old Thinkpad T20 P3 650, upgraded to 256MB of RAM. I built a $800 (Canadian) PC months ago, with a 1G of dual channel DDR RAM and a Radeon 9800 PRO, specifically for doing game development. I even bought Visual Studio .NET (Academic priced). But I'm still hung on this old but reliable Thinkpad, and using MinGW or Java to build my projects. I need to wipe the Windows partion on this thinkpad and dedicate it to just Linux and make it exclusively for productivity uses.

The next thing for me to do is to use my new PC and catch-up with current game development. After a break and maybe a PC upgrade, I'm gonna strive to complete as many small projects I can, these could be games or just simple demos; Projects that a game developer can do individually. I'm open to such ideas right now.
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Welcome to JournalBall, playing for the Programmer team. I'll be reading this, so update with good stuff frequently, with lots of images! Here's your SuperWelcomeRatingRape++.


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Sounds like a creepy porno movie, you pervert!

That's some disgusting association, John. Wouldn't want to be inside your head...

...perhaps I already am...

*runs away screaming*

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Ha ha, thanks guys! I'll try to update this space regularly, at least once a week. Maybe on Fridays or Saturdays.

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Also, here's an additional rating++ for actually having completed Pong-, Breakout-, Space Invaders-, Asteroids- and Tetris-clones, just like the GDNet tutorials states.

You are being a good community member. Keep this up and you'll find yourself quickly rising through the ranks. [grin]

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There we go! Welcome to the journals. I must say I like the look of the logo even though I found the red background on the website hard on my eyes, haha. Looking nice though. Keep it up!

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