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So, everything is going pretty good. Alot better then they were yesterday. On the downside, the guy who was interested in backrounds decided that the stuff I wanted him to do just wasn't his style, so that's alright. On the upside, the guy who does sprites did infact turn up today. Turns out he was away for the weekend. Here's the main character standing still:

Whoo hoo! Can't wait to get a running animation .gif up here on the journal. Who knows when I might have it though. So my biggest goals for now: finish designing the game levels (progressive goal) and aquiring all of the neccessary .bmp's for level 1 of the game. I figure if I can get a demo of the first level available for people I can really get some momentum on the project, as well as alot of community interest. Right now I'm aquiring myself some file cabinet space and starting to file things away. And I've got to update the design doc with a couple of modifications.

So that's about all for now. Still no more inquiries about the art job, but for now, there is some art (like the platforms for level 1) which I can produce on my own. And I've decided to do with the money I'm going to make at work over the summer what I've wanted to do all my life. My mother has never really been concerned with having a high end computer at any point in my life because it never seemed like a wise investment to her (which is strange considering she works in CS/IT). So I'm going to build a high end computer with the money I make, so I can have something for developement or whatever else I might need it for.

Well, more tomorrow!

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This guy strings me along for like 2 days and then finally he sends me this message (in 1337-Speak) along the lines of 'Hahaha! You are silly, if I was from a commercial game manufacturer, I would have stolen your idea! You should be more careful about the information about your ideas! You've been pwned!'.
I'm glad that guy got banned. What a nut!

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Figured out which guy I was talking about? God that guy was annoying. the whole time I was being mislead, though, he was n00bing it up in the forums, so I feel kinda silly for not looking in the buisness section. He was kinda funny for a bit though.


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He called me a fool when I pointed out that he was a hypocrite. Good fun.[smile]

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