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Playing EL

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Today I had a free day from work, so I did some more BM programming (mainly the teacher NPC and some modifications to the knowledge structure).
Then I was kind of bored, and decided to play EL for a while (last time I played was in February 2004). So I made a new, secret char and started playing for a while. The start isn't really fun, but after you get some levels up it can be pretty entertaining.
There are a few nasty bugs in the CVS client, which became apparent after I updated the NVidia drivers. Now the game crashes at the beginning, if it's day and the deepth buffer shadows are enabled.
Not good, we have to see WTF is wrong with it.
Additionally, I noticed that we need a gamma slide bar thingy, because at night it can be very very dark, especially if there is some bright light in the room, such as the sun shining through the window.

For this week, the objective is to finish the teacher NPC. Maybe I'll also have some time to do various adjustments to the way buildings are built (there is some code that needs to be completed).
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Do you want me to add my gamma code back in? I took it out when you were upset with the TC client, but before I found out the bug you were seeing was in Wytter's 23/5/05 code, not my client.

If so, I will guinea pig it as usual on the TC client, and if it is ok I will up it to Berlios.

I won't do it till I get your say-so, but there is no point you reinventing the wheel.


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Sure, just don't make it be day all the time :D
And add it as a slider or something, and keep it within some resonable limits (ie. don't make it too bright).

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