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Wheee shows

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Well my first weekend of shows is over. It wasn't too bad, though there were some incidents, like when I stalled out the bike in the middle of the bike fight and couldn't restart it and ended up running it backstage. Yea that kinda sucked. My director said he was up in the booth shouting at me "Where the hell are you going?!?" [lol] Ah well, I got all flustered. Only happened that once though since I totally forgot to warm up the bike before the show. Lesson learned, lesson learned. No major injuries to report, which is good. Just the usual scratches and bruises.

Ho hum.

The funniest thing though is how one of our Robins (Steve) keeps getting fired. He got fired three times today [smile]. He came in and I wasn't there and our director asked him if he knew where I was and he said no and he got fired on the spot. Then later on (after he got rehired of course) we're sitting in the trailer and our director offered him some cookies and he declined and got fired again. Oh wait I think that was the third time. Whatever, he got fired once more for something. Of course he's never really getting fired, it's just a joke now that our director "fires" him for the stupidest things. It's hilarious.

Anyways it's been a long day, still haven't gotten that much reading done, and I still have to do that damn newsletter. So I'm off. Ciao.
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...and couldn't restart it and ended up running it backstage.
Dude, you gotta hold the clutch in!! [smile] You're fired!!

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