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Um... it's a "character interaction worldbuilding game"

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I increasingly don't know what the hell to call this game. Although the level of detail and sheer, eye-bleeding volume of material I've been posting in the forums makes everything look out of control, I honestly think I know where I'm going and that this will be doable (famous last words, eh?[wink]). But I increasingly find myself working in the hinterlands of genre. Is this thing an RPG? Is it a strategy game? Is it a life sim?

No, it's a worldbuilding game, whatever the hell that means. It's a "whatever you call a freeform game where you interact with characters to change the course of history over lifetimes" game. Blech!

I get a bit ticked at how easy Grand Theft Auto has it. Driving cars? No problem. Shooting people? No problem. Mix of freeform and mission-based play, plus some Sims-like elements? Bring it on!

Oh well.[rolleyes] Perhaps in one of my frenzied pacing sessions the answer will come to me. In the meantime...

Straylight Update

Did some general worldbuilding today. Worldbuilding can either be a huge waste of time or great brain-teaser for revealing gameplay possibilities and solutions to gameplay problems.

I'm working on how a nanotech society crammed millions high into vertical cities actually works, and if it's possible to make you a citizen with interesting survival and leveling gameplay. If so, I'll have met a major goal of giving you a sense of "living in the future."

I've also been taking a look at some of the Garage Games tools. I'm happy to see that they're finally going to be getting a robust level editor, which should remove a major stumbling block to development.
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