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Archival Integration

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Archive load functions for 8 or so classes...

I have added loading functions for the four texture classes, static models, animated models, shaders, materials, sounds, and MIDI. That was fun!! Now I'll be able to pack up the resources in future demos and applications. I'm glad I've decided to craft the archival class and interface myself. I learned a lot and also have a few new ideas to improve the current version. I could have just used an existing library but I have to wonder if I could have integrated the loading functions as easily.

"Dreaded" Zombie has taste for dogs, and tree bark...

I posted some new pics on the Neil Kemp site if anyone is interested. [smile]

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It was a really long and steep hill with a lake at the bottom... I didn't try it. [smile]

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You ever gonna release the lawn mower neural network program? I've been curious to see it in action. but then again... I've been curious about a lot of things that probably shouldn't have been... [grin]

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