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Too much texturing... starting to... lose... mind

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Texturing Texturing Texturing. You don't realize how poorly textured your previous work is until you get a little better at it. I'm sure in a month or so, I'll look back at what I'm currently doing and think the same thing. That's why I hate to do art work. No matter how good I think something looks, a month later, I think it looks like crap.

Here are the obligitory screen shots of the day... acompanied by the obligatory links to random pages on my web site:

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That looks cool too - I was just looking for a place to say that if you haven't already (doesn't look like it from version 0.50.03), I would put non-maskable multisampling on if supported by the graphics card, as I. Have. Noticed. *camera zooms into face* some aliasing! *funeral march strikes up*
It made my game look much better with hardly any framerate hit on my 'NV GeForce FX 5200'!

Also I'm not sure if your game runs in 1280x1024 (my desktop res), it would be nice if it did. I'm sure the rich people with massive screens would want even higher resolution too (for texturing I use LithUnwrap because it used to be free hehe [grin])

Keep up the good work! oh dear i sound like a teacher writing comments in my exercise books now :( *shoots oneself*

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Thanks Doc.

I tried to enable full screen antialiasing at one point, but it never worked... not really sure why. I went with 800x600, because I figured if your not running at least that res, your graphics card probably wouldn't support my game anyway. I'd put in 1024x768, but it's a real pain in the ass to redo screen res (when I went from 640x480 to 800x600 it was a week andc a half worth of work). It's also mind numbingly boring to do, so I may eventually do it (especially if I ever try to sell a version of this), but it wont' be any time soon. I was messing around with Lith Unwrap for a little while, but then I purchased Ultimate Unwrap. It's the same guy, he just did UU as a comercial version a little later. I've been quite pleased with it so far (aside from it taking almost 2 days for them to send me a license key). Unfortunatley, I've found that the geometry on many of my models is so bad that it makes it very difficult to properly texture them. What I'm probably going to do is remodel many of them, but keep some of the poorly modeled ones and just move them into less critical roles in the game.

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Oh, I forgot to mention, the screen shot is actually taken from my ship builder tool I built using the Epoch Star engine. I am using it to test out the look of the new ships I'm building before putting them into the real game. Hopefully I'll have a new version out next sunday night.

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Why so much work to change the resolution? Did you specify the placement on the UI elements with screen coordinates, rather than 0-1, 0-1?

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