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Bad to worse?

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Today was an interesting day. Our attempts to debug the forums are turning up nothing of substance.. but I have rewritten a number of pieces of forum code for better performance. But because our attempts were fruitless, I'd prefer to write this journal as if I was an old sea captain lost at sea:

It's been nigh on 4 weeks since I've seen land. The crew is getting restless and I doubt they have the heart to weather yet another storm. Our task is only important to a few, but those people do depend on us.

The first mate has done a fine job of keeping morale up but with no end in site there is little hope. Yet I do recognize that our options are limited.. we must sail on. This ship has been good to us for so many years..

I pray that our sails hold up till morning.

P.S. This is not symbolic of anything =P
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