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Cookie Dough

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Well I got the job. I actually started yesterday, but I collapsed before reaching my computer. It's pretty much just packaging big ass crates and then moving them outside to be picked up. It sounds a lot easier than it is. Right now my feet feel like there's a fire under them.

Yeah so any programming will have to wait till the weekend since my favorite pass time is now sleeping.

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Congratulations on whoring yourself out. You'll feel better for it in no time!

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This is how my shitty job was. Except I had to get crates like yours down off of high shelves, fuck about with them, and then pile up all the crap and move it out into the store.

It was not what I would call fun. At all.

I eventually transferred to recovery (which involves picking up crap people have dropped like idiots and moving it to the proper place as well as "fluffing" the shelves). It's a lot better but my my boss is a power-mad, precision-oriented bitch who checks up on me every 2.4 seconds.

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