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Today the EL server was updated, to add a few NPCs selling and buying books. A new admin command was added, which makes some stuff easier. Unfortunately, there were a few bugs that slipped through (we suspect it might have been an error with the CVS daemon), so the server needed to be restarted a few times, and had to do a small (30 minutes) rollback to the users. Everyone but me is working for the big EL updated (client and server update) which should happen maybe in a month or so,

Meanwhile, I did some customer support stuff for EL (hell, I do that every god damn day) and worked at BM. The teacher NPC is going along well, it should be done in a few hours of work (so in 2 days, maybe).
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Just wait until you rach higher levels, and you'll camp at the wolf, boar, and eventually Fluffy spawns :D

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Fluffy Rabbit
It's the second hardest monster. Looks like a white rabbit, but it can pwn most of the players in just a few combat turns.

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