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I was just reading Rob Loach's journal where he had a link to SpriteLib, a free sprite library that has some useful stuff in it.

All along i've had ideas for games but never means to make art for them. Always in my head I had the idea that all this game art was a hidden secret and you'd have to pay (a lot) for anything good. This doesn't seem like the case though. Hard as it may seem, I had never searched Google for free game graphics because I expected to come up empty, but there seems to be tons of stuff out there.

So me and this guy at my school may be able to make our game after all, since there seems to be quite a lot of generic stuff out there, we'd only need a few things really custom made. Also, I told him about the 4E4 contest, and we may also try to come up with something to enter there, of course there'd be a lot of entries that would simply crush us, but there's nothing to lose by trying. Heck, we may even be able to get credit at college for making it, since we're both taking a new class offering they have for "Simulation and Game Programming", that'd be great.
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Yeah, there's loads of good free stuff out there. Another good free one is Reiner's Tilesets.

Also, keep an eye on clipart CD's in computer stores. There always seems to be one that's free after rebate. It's not all suitable for games, but sometimes you'll find a little doodle that'll fit your game.

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What college are you going to?

I start at DeVry University on July 11 in the "Game and Simulation Programming" program.

Good luck on your 4E4 entry!

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I go to Augusta State University. We have a small computer science department and the class is being offered because of me and a couple of other people that were interested in it.

Don't know how much the professor knows about it, but we may wind up using Allegro or some such 2D API, who knows. It'll be fun either way. We've also got a class being offered which i'm taking that's basically just going to be practice for competition programming, which will also be fun.

I think I missed the SpriteLib contest, and even I saw it, that was quite a while back [grin].

Thanks for that tip John, I hadn't really considered any clipart cds, but I guess for the price that i've seen some of them sale for, I don't think you can complain too much. That Reiner Tileset site looks like a great resource as well, thanks!

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