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Most of the stuff I did over the weekend were about just getting everything straight in my mind about how JavaTactics actually was structured. I noticed two things that needed the biggest change.

The first thing was that there needed to be two separate modes for the engine. One for editing, one for actually playing. Currently there is not a difference between the two. I think that the editor mode will have a sidebar that is attached to the window that could be used for selecting tiles etc... also an actual menu system would be nice.

The second thing that needs to change is the structure of the event system. I based it on another system I did for a first person RPG. It was an event that would happen upon activation of the event. What it did not have was arguments that you could pass to the events.

So, currently the event system will be restructured so that one event can be customized with arguments. An easy example is the messagebox event. With arguments there can exist one 'message' event which I pass the arguments to.

Anyway, sorry these updates aren't as often as they used to... I'm working 45 hours per week... lots of money, little time for fun programming...
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