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Screen Rework

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I've been putting of reworking my screens by doing all of this texture mapping and creating new models and what not. Better modeling is really important, but I feel that until my GUI stableizes I'm still a long way off completing my game. I have 300+ ship models at present... probably 100 of which are total crap and 100 are somewhat crappy. I can't wait to finish this... I'm getting closer every day, but I'm always finding new things I want to do. I'm not sure if I should just declare it done at some point, or keep working on it indefinitely. The vast majority of this is amazing fun, but reworking my GUI is a lot like work... which is bad because this is a hobby. Anyway, it's more fun to rework the 3D stuff and write in my journal then it is to redo my GUI, so this is a great way for me to procrastinate.

Here's a new screen shot of my cannon:

Space RPG - Fun to play
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I knows what you mean...I should really do the buttons so you can select Rock Paper or Scissors with the mouse..oh I need a proper mouse cursor too..but it's much more fun to program cool pixel shader effects!

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