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4E4 !!!!!!!!!!

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    Oh. My. God.


This is so my contest. I mean, zombies, ninjas, pirates and... robots! I'm going to be thinking through the design stages today and this weekend. Still brainstorming a genre.

It will definitely be a 2D game, rendered with SDL (yay portability!). I've gotten pretty much all of the graphics code out of the way; my SDL framework is pretty sweet. All I have to do is work out the gameplay mechanics and such. I'll probably end up tweaking the object manager I have; it was designed for objects which are in constant movement (ie, pong, breakout, tetris, etc). I'll have to throw in some more object states, and work some extra stuff out.

Right now I'm looking at a Tactics/Strategy/RPG kind of game. Leaning more towards the Strategy/RPG than Tactics, because Tactics implictly implies a orthographic projection, which is a pain in the ass to write. I'm going for pure 2D here.

I'm probably going to end up doing all of the artwork myself. I'm not all that bad at programmer art, and I really don't want to just rip a bunch of tilesheets of teh intarweb. I'm sure that handmade art will get higher points than sonic running around with a handcannon.

Other than that, I don't have much more. Exams tommorrow (joy - I'm not going to get study done with this!) and I don't have a copy of my latest code with me. Which is probably a good thing, because I really need to work on design. I want this to be damn good!

I'll keep you guys updated! That way I can say you stole my ideas and that's why I lost [grin]
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