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Another month, another driver update part 2

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... and still no FBO extension [sad]

Yeah, so book writing is going well, I'm slightly behind where I wanted to be at this point but as I was ill for a week I'm not too bothered about that, I can make the time up.

I've currently completled most of the language disucssion, I need to go back and improve/clearup/complete a few bits but its not overly urgent. The built in functions and varibles section is pretty much done as well, I might add some more discussion on the built in functions as atm they are just a quick intro and a table of functions and a description. I do need to go back and fill in more details for the fragment program functions, however as I only got around to understanding them 2 days ago I'm not that bothered about it yet.

So, now I'm into the discussion about the API, I probably need to throw more examples into it, again thats a go back job.

So all in all things are going pretty well, better than I thought with my track record of putting things off to the last moment, heh, infact it makes me more confidant that my return to education to get a degree will go better than before, ie I'll do the work [grin]

So, a few more weeks of work and it'll be done and dusted, the lack of FBO in the drivers is slightly annoying, I'll have to write my MRT code using a pbuffer instead, it should still work basically the same and I can just fix up the code for FBO support later (I wont be going into details anyways, FBO and render to texture should be covered by someone else), I was planning on picking up a cheapish NV card to work with for FBO but annoyingly I might not have the cash for it, bah :|
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