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Competition I tells you!

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Tron3k started his own blog for his mindless LISP ramblings and pulling bishop passes on us.

And I'm marrying Ravuya soon.

Oh, on a serious note, remember how I mentioned beta 2 of Visual Studio 2005 a couple of weeks ago? (I'm sure you don't remember)
Well, it's awesome, all the annoying bugs in beta 1 have been resolved. GO GET IT NOW.
(and Micorosoft refused to pay me for this comment)
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I order a complimentary copy from microsoft a few weeks ago of beta 2. I'm still waiting. I do love a lot of the new features though that were in the beta 1, so I can't wait for it to arive.

And congrats on the engagment :P, Rav you slick SOB, don't give it away my friend.

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