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I'm still alive!

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Evil Steve


Ok, so I haven't done much lately except procrastinate. I've been playing that damn Maple Story, I'm level 34 now. I'll be happy when I get to level 35. I also haven't done any coding in 2 or 3 weeks.

I'm considering entering 4e4, and I'm considering a MMORPG. Yes, yes, I know, 1 person doing a MMORPG "just won't happen", but it depends how determined I am. The graphics will be absolute crap of course, unless I can find some good free models. I'm also not sure that a MMORPG qualifies (although it should). I can always submit the server as well as the client.
Another problem is that I've never done any realtime network apps, so I need to look into dead reckoning and stuff. And also, if the client is open source - which I'd like it to be - then I need to make sure it's bulletproof. Not like Maple Story [wink]. I'll post in the 4e4 thread asking if a MMORPG is suitable in a moment.
And yet another problem is that I could really do with a semi-reasonable server, or try to deal with a distributed system (which would be fun and interesting to implement, but would probably be time consuming). My server currently runs a proxy, my SMTP server, my web server, and sometimes bit torrent. And that's off a 1mbit downstream, 128k upstream connection. Oh the fun...

I've got a few ideas for some of the features, most stolen from Maple Story and Guild Wars, or improving on what they offer. But a MMORPG with ninjas, pirates, robots and zombies would be kickass. Particularly with PvP combat. Unf.
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You wouldn't finish it in.. wait. You wouldn't finish at all. And you know it :)

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(Thinks about Help Wanted) Everyone knows even the Chief Noob can write an MMORPG easily, without programming experience (well, except a bit of HTML and a few variables here and there).

Only joking, it sounds a bit ambitious.

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