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More Cropped Screen Shots

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I've taken some more screen shots and cropped them to eliminate the console screen and the other stuff that's repetitive. Now that my ships are looking a bit more professional, it makes me sad that they appear so small in the screen. Most of these shots are fully zoomed in (most people play with it fully zoomed out). Not sure what I can do about that though.

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I see improvement. Nice work. These ships look a lot better that the first ones. Keep up the good work.

As for the zooming, whatever you do, do not force the player to play very zoomed in just because you are proud of your nice models. One would think this is an obvious thing but so many professional games do it to show off their artwork (which they probably paid ggod money for)

Perhaps you should spend the most of your creativity on very large ships and stations, so your work will be visible even on full zoom out. Perhaps you should not worry so much about the smaller ships.

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In general, that's what I'm planning for my strategy. I have a lot of models that look fine zoomed way out, but zoomed in look aweful. I'm planning on pushing them into roles where they do not appear as large or obvious, but still keeping them around to add variety. I'm not planning on forcing the player to zoom in, I just need to find a better way to show off models I'm proud of (and spend extra effort hiding models I'm ashamed of).

Thanks again

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You don't need to make your buttons bigger...they can just be the same pixel-relative size in all resolutions so maybe you can write a bit o' code to nudge them to the side? So it would be as it is just with more pixels in the middle to show off your beautiful models [grin]

Ah! Just remembered...It's a little annoying (as of 0.50.03) when you have the view zoomed out, then dock at a merchant then when you come back out it's at the preset zoom again!

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